Eligibility and Team Selection

Can Graduate Students Apply For This Competition?

No, this Competition is open only to Undergaduate Students currently pusuing a Bachelor Degree in any Field

How Many Members Should Be in a Team?

Each team should consist of 4 members only. Team Applications with Members less than or greater than four individuals will be disregared

Can Team Members Be From Any Major?

With the SU Real Life Competition being an Interdisciplinary Competition, a maximum of 3 individuals with the same major can be in a team. If a team has more than 3 individuals pursuing the same degree or major, the team's application will be disregarded

When Will Teams Be Informed of Their Selection to Participate?

Selection of Participating Teams is based on a rolling-basis. All Teams will be contacted by the organizing team as soon as their application is completed and submitted, and alll coordinated logistics will be communicated to them from this point forward. The Organizing Team will be in close contact with each team to ensure that all arrangements are running smoothly.

Competition Expenses

Are There Any Costs Covered by the SU Real Life Team?

The Following Expenses Will be Covered For All Teams: - All Internal Transportation ( This Includes Transportation To and From the Cairo International Airport, Transportation To Hurghada and Back, Transportation in Tours and any other necessary Transportation) - All Food Expenses ( Breakfast and Lunch Throughout the Competition's Duration)

What are the Wild Card Teams?

The Wild Card Teams are the teams competition expenses will be covered by the SU Real Life Team. The expenses include flight, accomodation, transportation and food expenses. The selection of said teams will be based on the optional video deliverable in the registration form, and is based on a first-come first-serve basis! So Hurry Up and Register as soon as possible! For Further Information About the Wild Card Opportunity, please visit the "Registration" Page in our Menu

Is the Ticket for the International Concert Covered?

Yes! The SU Real Life Team will be giving away free tickets to the Mega Concert scheduled to take place on the 10th of April for all interested teams! Please Note that concert attendance and participation is Optional and not mandatory. The Concert will be at the Campus of the American University in Cairo

How Much Does It Cost To Register for the SU Real Life Competition?

Application and Admission to the SU Real Life Competition is completely free!

Travel Logistics

Will We be Assisted with Accomodation Selection?

The Ogranizing Team will be coordinating all accomodation reservations for each team, ensuring that the accomodation logistics are running smoothly. All Teams will be placed in the same accomodation both in Cairo and Hurghada, this is to ensure that the accomodation is of quality, secure and safe for all participants. In addition, with all teams being in the same accomodation, teams will have more opportunitities to interact with one another, hopefully leaving with lasting frienships!

Which Countries Do Not Require A Prior Visa to Enter Egypt?

All Citizens of the Following Countries can Obtain Visa upon Arrival in Egypt: European Union Countries, Australia, Canada, Georgia , Japan , South Korea, New Zealand, North Macedonia , Norway , Russia , Serbia , Ukraine , United Kingdom and the United States

Core Competition Program

Do I Need to Have Anything Prepared Prior to the Competition?

No! All you need is to fill in the application form, and folllow through with all logistics which will be communicated to you by the SU Real Life Team! Notably, we will be launching the case during the Opening Ceremony of the Case, and you will have the planned duration to crack the case and pitch your idea to a panel of experts and judges!

Is it Mandatory to Attend the Concert?

It is NOT mandatory to attend the Concert on Friday the 10th of April. Tickets will be provided for free to participating teams who are interested in attending. The Concert will take place at the campus of the American University in Cairo

Do We Have To Arrive on Thursday, the 9th of April?

No, it is not required to arrive in Cairo on Thursday the 9th of April, or the 10th of April which is the date of the concert. However, the team should be in Cairo on Saturday the 11th of April by 11 AM, whereby attendance in the Opening Ceremony is Mandatory and Required For All Teams